Artist initiative id11 organised from 2008 - 2016 artist residencies and provided exhibition spaces where artistic experimentation is nurtured in Delft, the Netherlands. The artist-in-residence programs where hosted at temporary locations. id11 had since 2013 a artist-in-residence program on a farm in the Noordoostpolder, the Netherlands. After making the barn suitable for non-agricultural activities and creating a guesthouse, we shaped our activities on the farm in the Noordoostpolder until the end of 2020 and offered artists, writers, musicians and other makers space to realize and present (new) works in relation to the unique environment that the Noordoostpolder offers and/or the specific space, consisting of the original stables. The production and presentation area were connected to each other. Whereby id11 fulfilled a pioneering function in the Noordoostpolder, as a production and presentation place for contemporary professional artists.

As of December 31, 2020, we have stopped our artist-in-residence at the farm in the Noordoostpolder because we need to find another place to live/work.

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